FlatFAST Foldable Ribbon Cable Assembly

Genesis has developed FlatFAST cables to meet the demand for thin highly routable twinax cable assemblies for high speed internal server and storage applications. Fully compliant to 16G PCIe Gen4, 24G SAS4.0, and proposed 32G PCIe Gen5 / SAS5.0 standards, this cable technology can be folded multiple times without impact to Return Loss or Impedance. With a thickness close to 1/3 that of bundled twinax, FlatFAST cables are the perfect solution for routing high speed signals through the narrow pathways of today’s densely packed servers, JBOD/JBOFs, and wireless base stations/radios. Available in pitches from 1.0mm down to 0.4mm, it can be used with SlimSAS, EDSFF, OCuLink, MiniSAS-HD, MiniSAS or most other popular internal cabling interconnect.
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